Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Foundations of Linear Elastodynamics
  Basic Equations; Wave Theory of Linear-Elastic Continua.
Chapter 3 Foundations of the Time-Domain Boundary Element Methodin Linear Elastodynamics
  Derivation of the Boundary Integral Equation; Discretization of the Boundary Integral Equation; Evaluation of Integrals.
Chapter 4 A Transient Green's Function of the Half-Plane

Underlying Lamb's Problem; Solution of Lamb's Problem - Green's Function; Properties of the Green's Function; Numerical Examples; Gradient, Associated Stress and Traction Tensors of the Green's Function.

Chapter 5 Application of the Green's Function to the Time-Domain Boundary Element Method
  Convolution with the Time Base-Functions; Special Integration.
Chapter 6 Investigation of the BEM Employing the Green's Function
  Comparison with an Example of the Literature; Efficiency of the Method.
Chapter 7 Outlook onto an Entire Concept

Special Cases Derivable from the Green's Function; Time Convolution for the Approach to the Surface; Spacial Integration for the Approach to the Surface; Free-term; Special Case of a Straight Horizontal Element; Computation for an Elevated Surface.