Chapter 1 Introduction
  Prologue; Persia and Iran; General Background
Chapter 2 Ars sine scientia nihil: knowledge in Persian architecture
Chapter 3 Construction materials of historical structures
  Introduction; Stone; Brick; Wood; Metal; Mortar
Chapter 4 Architectural and structural features of Persian historical buildings
  Introduction; First phases of architecture and building (until 560 B.C.); Some basements and columns, majestic complexes (560 - 330 B.C.); Dome on squinches, vaulted structures (330 B.C. - 224 A.D.); Transverse arch and vault, base isolation (224 - 642 A.D.); Structures of exceeding beauty (642 - 1000 A.D.); The perfect dome, the double-shell dome (1000-1157 A.D.); Verticality, attenuation, magnificence (1218 - 1334 A.D.); Refinement (1314 - 1502 A.D.); Culmination, town planning, Isfahan (1491 - 1722 A.D.); Decline of efflorescence; Future prospects.
Chapter 5 Arches
  Introduction; Arch profiles

Chapter 6 Vaults
  Introduction; Construction methods; Structural systems
Chapter 7 Domes
  Introduction; Construction methods; Structural systems; Substructure; Structural analysis of Iranian domes; Plastic analysis of spherical domes.
Chapter 8 Minarets
  Introduction; Historical development; Structural systems; Construction materials; Structural analysis of the Sin minaret; The Minar Junban, the Shaking Minarets, culmination of structural dynamics.
Chapter 9 Water-works
  Introduction; Hydrography of Iran; Qanats; Bridges; Dams; Cisterns
Chapter 10 Maintenance comments on the wooden structure of the Ali Qapu building
  Introduction; Description of the building; Maintenance of the masonry section; Description of the wooden structure; Structural analysis of the wooden structure; Maintenance comments on the wooden structure.
Chapter 11 Proposal for future research into historical structures
  Introduction; Construction materials; Vaults; Domes; Minarets; Water-works; Other subjects; Epilogue