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Influencing Factors On Air Pollution In Ahwaz


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S.A. Tabatabaie


The city of Ahwaz is one of the biggest cities in Iran, capital of Khozistan province, situated on both sides of Karoon river, with a population of one million the climate of this city, during most seasons, particularly summer, is very hot and humid reaching 50-55 degrees centigrade. According to environmental studies, the climate is very polluted, so much so that Ahwaz is among the high-risk cities. A number of factors affect the pollution. In this study an attempt has been made to identify and to some extent, determine the range of some of these factors. In fact, unusual development and growth of the city, undesired placement of heavy industries, such as iron and steel plants, airport, and exploration of Oil wells in a nearby city, in addition to heavy traffic and number of small polluting factories operating inside the city, have made the city like an island of heat and pollution. Fuel is the other important factor, which is to be considered. It seems, studies on transportation phenomena suffer from lack of continuity and enough mutual understanding. In this study some practical and scientific solutions, are suggested, in order to reduce the pollution in this city.