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Stability And Consolidation Of An Ashlar Barrel Vault With Great Deformations: The Church Of Guimarei


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S. Huerta & G. Lopez


The seventeenth century ashlar vault of the church of Guimarei presents severe cracking and large deformations that caused great concern. An account is given of a report on the stability of the church previous to the restoration. The report tried to find out the causes and date of the cracking, the actual measure of the stability, and the possible means of consolidation. Of special interest is the influence of "great deformations" and particularly an upper value for the limit deformation was calculated. 1 Introduction Santa Maria de Guimarei is a little parish church located around 20 km from Lugo, in Galicia (North of Spain). The church consists of a square presbytery and a single rectangular nave; the nave presents an elevated choir at the end. The presbytery was built around 1650 in lat