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Nano Materials Applications For Conservation Of Cultural Heritage



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A. M. Waked


Nanotechnology is considered to be the most important theoretical and applicative framework of human knowledge in the near future, breakthroughs are restricted to few applications. One is being the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage. For the architecture profession nanotechnology will be able to change the way we build, and will greatly impact construction materials and their properties as well. However, materials will behave in many different ways as we are able to more precisely control their properties at nano-composites, which combine new nano-materials with more traditional ones and can be many times stronger than standard materials, and will dramatically improve the performance, durability, and strength to weight ratio of these materials. As materials gain such transient features architectural design and construction will evolve by transforming the essential properties of matter. This study of material is considered an emerging field, so this paper will retry to represent the most recent applications of nano materials of the conservation of cultural. Keywords: nanotechnology, nano-materials, conservation.


nanotechnology, nano-materials, conservation