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Marine Power Plants: Design Methodology And Trends


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L.N. Bakountouzis


Marine power plants: design methodology and trends L.N. Bakountouzis Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong ABSTRACT A systems design methodology for the marine power plant, within the over- all ship system design, is expounded in the present paper. The design problem is delineated through considerations of constrained problem definition, and the important factors entering the design of the marine power plant are presented, with due account given to the complexity of their interactions. Finally, potential trends of present-day, alternative prime movers are considered in the context of specific applications and/or considerations of immediate or near future relevance. INTRODUCTION In recent years marine propulsion has come to be dominated by the diesel engine, primarily the one of the slow speed type. Exceptions can only be found in rather special applications, such as liquefied natural gas carriers, the only