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Morphological Stability Of Thin Films


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L.J. Gray, M.F. Chisholm & T. Kaplan


Morphological stability of thin films L.J. Gray," M.F. Chisholm/ T. Kaplan* " Engineering Physics and Mathematics Division, ^ Solid State Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ABSTRACT The boundary element method for elastostatics is applied to a thin film sta- bility problem arising in solid state surface science. An aim of this work is to determine the morphology of germanium deposited on a silicon substrate. Nonstandard boundary conditions at the material interface are used to model the epitaxially grown film. In addition to determining the deformed geometry it is also necessary to compute the surface stress tensor. Although the surface displacement at the junction between the interface and the silicon free surface is not differentiate, the hypersingular integral equation for surface stress can still be employed. These techniques will be described, along with results from two-dimensional calculations. INTRODUCTION Solids with technologically important physical properties