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Gauss Quadrature Method Using Wavelet Basis As A Weighting Function For Boundary Element Analysis


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K. Abe and K. Koro


Gauss quadrature method using wavelet basis as a weighting function for boundary element analysis K. Abe & K. Koro Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Niigata University, Japan. Abstract A Gauss quadrature method in which the wavelet is used as a weighting function is developed for wavelet BEM. Non-orthogonal spline wavelets that can change the order of vanishing moments as well as the order of polyno- mial are considered in BE analysis. Although the increase in the order of vanishing moments leads to the increase in the sparseness of matrices, that also increases the number of intervals in which the wavelet is described by a certain polynomial. The proposed quadrature method does not need to di- vide the support of wavelets in the calculation of matrix coefficients, while the Gauss-Legendre formula obliges us to divide the support into several intervals. Consequently the proposed method allows to reduce the com- putational work for generation of matrices. Estimatio