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A Field-panel Approach For Transonic Flow Calculations About 3D Configurations


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D. Fokin, L. Gebhardt, Th. Lutz and S. Wagner


A field-panel approach for transonic flow calculations about 3D configurations D. Fokin, L. Gebhardt, Th. Lutz and S. Wagner Institute for Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics University of Stuttgart, Germany Abstract The purpose of the present work is to develop a mathematically sound and efficient field-panel method for the analysis of inviscid transonic flow over 3D aircraft configurations taking the effects of (weak) shock waves into account. The problem is reduced to a system of two nonlinear integro-differential equations for the disturbance potential in the field and the singularity dis- tribution on a reference surface. An iteration procedure incorporating the boundary element method to satisfy the impermeability conditions on the body (Neumann formulation), coupled with a correction for compressibility effects based on the full potential equation has been developed. The arti- ficial viscosity concept is used to stabilize the process for transonic cases. Exemplary results of