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Estimation Of Boundary Derivatives By Trefftz Method And Its Application To Sloshing Phenomenon


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E. Kita. Y. Ikeda, J. Katsuragawa and N. Kamiya


Estimation of boundary derivatives by Trefftz method and its application to sloshing phenomenon E. Kita, Y. Ikeda, J. Katsuragawa and N. Kamiya School of Informatics and Sciences Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8301, Japan Abstract This paper describes the application of Trefftz method to the simulation of the sloshing phenomenon. The phenomenon is governed by the Laplace equation with respect to the velocity potential. The equation is solved with the adequate boundary conditions to estimate the first-derivative of the potential on the surface. The surface profile and the boundary con- dition on the surface are modified according to the derivatives. Since, in the Trefftz method, the potential is approximated with the superposition of the regular T-complete functions, their direct differentiation leads to the derivatives. The Trefftz method, moreover, can estimate easily not only the first-derivative but also the second-derivative of the potential, we, therefore, will discuss mor