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IRDE And RDE Electrochemical Cells Evaluation: Comparison Of Electron And Mass Transfer


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H. Van Parys, E. Tourwé, M. Depauw, T. Breugelmans, J. Deconinck & A. Hubin


An inverted rotating disk electrode reactor (IRDE) is constructed to facilitate the study of electrochemically formed gas bubbles. The hydrodynamic and mass transfer characteristics of this new cell design are validated by means of an electrochemical reaction with known characteristics, i.e. the ferri/ferro cyanide redox reaction. This validation is done both qualitatively and quantitatively. The qualitative validation consists of comparing the entire polarization curve obtained in the IRDE with the one obtained in the classical RDE set-up under the same experimental conditions. To quantitatively validate the cell another approach was pursued. A previously developed statistically founded method to model an electrochemical system and to quantitatively determine its mass and charge transfer parameters is used. It is found that the mass and charge characteristics in both configurations agree very well. Keywords: inverted rotating disk electrode, IRDE, ferri/ferro cyanide, modeling.


inverted rotating disk electrode, IRDE, ferri/ferro cyanide, modeling.