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Further Evaluation Of The Advanced Prediction Method EVICD For Arbitrary Multiaxial Loading


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C. Baum, W. Ott, A. Buczynski, K.-H. Trautmann & H. Nowack


Further evaluation of the advanced prediction method EVICD for arbitrary multiaxial loading C. ~ a u m ' , W. 0tt2, A. ~ u c z ~ n s k i ~ , K.-H. ~rautmann~ & H. ~ o w a c k ' 1 Department of Materials Technology, University of Duisburg, Germany 2 Fachhochschule of Cologne, Germany "~echnical University of Warsaw, Poland 4 German Aerospace Centre, Cologne, Germany Abstract EVICD, a fatigue prediction method for arbitrarily multiaxially loaded complex components, has reached a standard which is of interest for a more general engineering application. Comparisons of EVICD predictions to the results of our recently performed tests and to results as reported in the literature have shown that the differences between the predictions and the experimental results were typically less than a factor of 3. EVICD comprises an input section which is open to nearly all formats of loading data in engineering practice. Although the multisurface material model after Mro'z-Garud was originally introduced into E