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The Influence Of Drilling Parameters And Hole Damage On GFRP Composites Fatigue Strength


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A. Paoletti


The influence of drilling parameters and hole damage on GFRP composites fatigue strength A. Paoletti Department of Energetics, University of L 'Aquila, L 'Aquila, Italy Abstract Composite materials are often used preshaped and preformed for the construction of structures, but for several applications they are usually assembled and joined together. Therefore machining processes such as drilling are often required to assemble and join different components. Damage induced by the drilling operation reduces the fatigue strength. In this paper an experimental investigation on the behaviour of the fatigue strength of drilled components in glass fibre reinforced plastic composites subjected to fatigue loading is presented. The influence of cutting speed, feed rate and hole damage on the fatigue strength of machined holes has been taken into consideration. 1 Introduction The fatigue behaviour of composite materials has been investigated by several researchers in order to address the problems arising f