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Investigating The Effects Of Pressure On The Near Tip Behavior And Crack Growth In A Particulate Composite Material


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C. T. Liu & M. Tam


Investigating the effects of pressure on the near tip behavior and crack growth in a particulate composite material C. T. ~ i u ' & M. ~ a r n ~ 1 Propulsion Directorate, US Air Force Research Laboratoly, USA 2 The Aerospace Corp. USA Abstract In this study, the effects of different loading conditions on the local behavior and crack growth in a particulate composite material were investigated. The material under investigation contains hard particles embedded in a rubbery matrix. Two loading conditions, constant strain rate and constant strain, and two confined pressures, ambient and 8697 KPa, were considered. The experimental data were analyzed and the results are discussed. 1 Introduction In past years, a considerable amount of work has been done studying crack growth behavior in particulate composite materials under different loading conditions at ambient pressure [I-41. The basic approach used in characterizing the crack growth behavior in the particulate composite materials is based on l