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Highly Accurate Values Of K% And K% Of Axially Symmetrical Cracked Body Subjected To Tension Obtained By FEM


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H. Nisitani & T. Teranishi


The finite element method (FEM) is useful for the stress analysis and used widely in general. However, it is still not necessarily easy to obtain the highly accurate values of stress intensity factors by FEM. Recently, a method for calculating the highly accurate values of stress intensity factors in two-dimensional crack problems has been proposed by H. Nisitani, based on the usefulness of the stress values at a crack tip calculated by FEM. Although this value at a crack tip by FEM is finite, it is very effective as a measure of the singular stress field of the crack tip. In this study, an extension of this method to the round bar with circumferential crack was made. The extended method was applied to the tensile problems of a round bar with a si