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Development Of Al2O3/Cu Functionally Gradient Material Based On Residual Stress Analysis


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M. Aral & U. Iwata


Development of A^Og/Cu functionally gradient material based on residual stress analysis M. Aral & U. Iwata AWermk .9c%e?%ce De Electric Power Industry, Japan. Abstract In this study, A^Og/Cu functionally graded material (FGM) was tried to fabricate based on the optimum functionally compositional profile obtained by a numerical analysis. Obtained results in this study are summarized as follows. (1) Residual stress fields arised by the fabrication were analyzed by a finite element analysis based on an actual process. From some analysis results, it was found that the residual stress is reduced by fabricating the functionally graded material with thinner ceramic layer than metal layer. (2) FGM frac- ture map, which includes crack initiation criterion obtained from the bending strength of A^Oa/Cu composite materials, was proposed. The optimum functionally compositional profile can be found easily by using this map. (3) It was shown that a functionally graded ma- terials with no cra