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The Fatigue Test And Analysis For 50AT And 60AT Railroad Rails


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D. Sun, Z. Zhuang, C. Li and W. Wang


The fatigue test and analysis for 50AT and 60AT railroad rails Dongchao Sun', Zhuo Zhuang', Changing Lr and Weidong Wang- Abstract A 60AT unsymmetrical section railroad rail is a new material developed for using at the bifurcation of the railway. The fatigue experiments and numerical simulations have been carried out and presented in this paper to estimate the service life of the rail. This unsymmetrical geometry section results to complex in the analysis and determination of the rail service life. The experimental results show that the fatigue cracks grow from the short flange at the bottom of the section but the head as the symmetric section rail. The simulation results of Mises stress have given a stress ratio 2.91 between short and long flanges at the bottom, which proves the lower service life at the short flange. In addition, the symmetrical section 5OAT and 60AT rails have also been tested to estimate the service life and the comparison have been made for the res