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Failure Site Of Axisymmetric Notched Specimens As Predicted By Continuum Damage Mechanics


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M. Alves & N. Jones


Failure site of axisymmetric notched specimens as predicted by continuum damage mechanics Marcilio Alves* & Norman Jones^ * Department of Mechatronics and Mechanical Systems Engineering, University of Sao Paulo, 05508-900 - Sao Paulo - Brazil ^Impact Research Centre, Department of Engineering, University of Liverpool, Liverpool - L69 3GH - UK Abstract When a circular notched specimen is subjected to an axial force along its main length, stresss and strain develop around its minimum cross-section. This stress/strain field promote failure of the specimen, which can occur at any position along the minimum area. This paper addresses the problem of how the failure site can be predicted using a Damage Mechanics model, valid for a ductile material. 1 Introduction Consider a circular test specimen, notched at the centre, and sub- jected to an axial load, as indicated in Figure 1. Such a load con-