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Influence Of Laser Hardening On Fatigue Properties Of Carbon Steels


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I. Cerny, I. Furbacher & V. Linhart


Influence of laser hardening on fatigue properties of carbon steels I. Cerny, I. Fiirbacher, V. Linhart Department of Strength, National Research Institute for Materials, Opelatova 25, CS-113 12 Prague 1, Czech Republic ABSTRACT Round bar specimens of the CSN 12050 carbon steel, which is equivalent to the German Ck 45 steel (DIN 17200/42; 1652), were normalized, or heat treated and then surface processed without melting by a 2,5 kW, COa laser to study the effects of laser beam hardening on fatigue properties. Two configurations of ring laser beam traces were made: one and three separate traces. The fact, that laser beam hardening under given conditions either reduces or does not influence the fatigue life, which depends on the surface finishing after the laser processing, is the most important result of alternating bend fatigue tests. INTRODUCTION In recent years, several technologies of the laser treatment of metal lie material