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Velocity Measurements On Steel Shot In An Air-blast Peening Cabinet


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F. Sherratt


Velocity measurements on steel shot in an air-blast peening cabinet F. Sherratt Department of Engineering, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK ABSTRACT The paper reports measurements of shot velocity in an air-blast cabinet using high-speed photography. Nominally round chilled steel shot was used in four sizes, ranging in diameter from 0.025 in. to 0.09 in. Nozzle pressures ranged from 15 p.s.i. to 60 p.s.i. In addition to the velocity measurements, data on the rate of shot mass flow was obtained, making it possible to calculate the total kinetic energy per second in the shot stream for each condition investigated. Conventional measurement of arc height with Almen A and C strips was undertaken for some conditions, Coverage measurements were also made on small round specimens of the aluminium alloy 7075T6. A small number of fatigue tests on notched specimens of the same alloy, peened with the same size of shot but at different pressures showed that