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Transmission Of Digital Signals By Chaotic Synchronization. Application To Secure Communications


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A. Iglesias, J.M. Gutierrez, D. Ansotegui & M.A. Carnicero


The ability of chaotic systems to synchronize offers a convenient frame- work for the secure transmission of digital signals. In this paper, we present a Mathematica package for analyzing the synchronization of chaotic systems following the Pecora-Carrol scheme. We also illustrate the application of the package to secure communications. To this aim, the message is encoded using the chaotic signal of the driving system and, then, transmitted to the synchronized response system, where it is decoded. Some examples, including the transmission of a digital image, are used to illustrate this new methodology. 1 Introduction In the last two decades many advances have been made in the analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems (see [1] for a survey). Among these develop- ments is the discovery that this kind of systems e