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Statistical Analysis Of Results Of An Interlabo- Ratory Experiment


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Hugo Evequoz


A Mathematica package has been written to analyse data provided by an iri- terlaboratory study. The purpose of inteliaboratory experiments is to study how an analytical method behaves when set up in different laboratories and run by various operators over a given period of time. The aims of an in- teliaboratory study are to compare the performances of the participating laboratories and to evaluate the variability of results quantitatively. This package allows the users, on the one hand to follow step-by-step the procedure suggested by the ISO-norm 5725 [1] and, on the other hand, to calculate the repeatability and the reproductibility of the experiment with an iterative method based on robust statistics [2]. 1 Introduction Most inteliaboratory experiments involve p laboratories, each testing a specimen (level) n times and the procedure is repeated for a number q of specimens. For each