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The Development Of A Novel Composite Material Hydrofoil Through Advanced Computational Techniques


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S. Fagg & X. Velay


The development of a novel composite material hydrofoil through advanced computational tech- niques S. Fagg, X. Velay Department of Product Design and Manufacture, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, BH1 SNA, UK Abstract The fm(s) on a windsurfer are employed to resist the sideways force generated by the sail and also to give directional stability. The design of the fins normally incorporate a symmetrical cross-section as the craft must operate on both tacks. It is recognised that the use of camber in the design of the cross-section can increase the lift generated by a given surface area, as witnessed by the use of variable geometry flaps on aircraft. However the use of flaps requires the implementation of an actuating mechanism, which is impractical for the proposed environment of use. A reversible variable camber lifting section is therefore proposed in which the pressure difference between the two surfaces invokes and controls an internal camber mechanism. Thi