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Tropospheric Air Pollution Problems And Air Pollution Abatement In Europe Since 1945


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Matthias Heymann


Tropospheric Air Pollution Problems and Air Pollution Abatement in Europe since 1945 A contribution to subproject TRAP45 Matthias Heymann Deutsches Museum, Research Institute, D-80306 Munich, Germany Air pollution can not be regarded as a mere scientific and technical problem, but includes important political, economic, and social aspects. The social an historical dimensions of air pollution problems require investigation and clarification as urgently as the atmospheric processes. Therefore, the foundation of a new EUROTRAC-2 subproject TRAP45 is proposed by a group of atmospheric scientists and environmental historians. In this paper I will raise a number of questions which have to be addressed in the framework of TRAP45. A paradox of air pollution control? Air pollution has been a problem for centuries. Historical developments like the shift from agrarian to industrial s