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The Influence Of National Culture On Tourists’ Behaviour Towards Environment


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B. M. Farahani & B. Mohamed


Culture as an important element in tourism plays its role in the form of attraction for tourists as well as aspects which influence tourists’ behaviour. Several crosscultural studies have been done to find the differences between tourists’ behaviour regarding their culture. Although there is no comprehensive definition for culture in literature, Hofstede provided a well-known model which divided national culture into five dimensions. Power distance, individualism /collectivism, masculinity/femininity, uncertainty avoidance, and long-term orientation are the dimensions of his mentioned model. Since environment is the fundamental component of tourism, its sustainability, management, and controlling tourism impact on it is important for the industry. This study aims to review tourists’ behaviour towards environment and find the influence of tourists’ national culture on their certain behaviour. Qualitative analysis was done by using existing literature about \“tourist behaviour in relation to environment” and relating them to \“tourists’ national culture”. The result has provided the estimate model of tourist behaviour by different national culture towards environment. Keywords: national culture, tourist behavior, environment.


national culture, tourist behavior, environment