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Analysis Of Ambient SO2 Concentrations In The Surroundings Of The Sostanj Thermal Power Plant


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M. Boznar & P. Mlakar


Analysis of ambient SO^ concentrations in the surroundings of the Sostanj thermal power plant M. Bo^nar, P. Mlakar Jd£ef Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, SI-61000 Ljubljana, Slovenia ABSTRACT SC>2 pollution is still a significant problem in Slovenia, especially around big thermal power plants (TPPs), like the one at Sostanj that emits about 100,000 tons of SC>2 per year. In order to understand air pollution around the Sostanj TPP in detail, some analyses of emissions and SO2 ambient concentrations at six automated monitoring stations in the surroundings of the TPP were made. The first analysis shows how different stack height influences ground level concentrations. The second analysis shows the temporal and spatial distribution of different classes of SC>2 concentrations and the dynamics of concentration changes. INTRODUCTION Sostanj TPP is the biggest Slovenian TPP. In past years it emitted about 100,000 tones of SO2 per year (E