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Natural Flow Systems: Acquiring Their Constructal Morphology


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Volume 5 (2010), Issue 3



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230 - 241




The generation of flow confi guration (shape, structure, patterns, rhythms) is a phenomenon that occurs across the board in natural flow systems. Scientists have struggled to understand the origins of this phenomenon. What determines the configuration of natural flow systems? Are they following the rule of any law? This paper contributes to stress the importance of common features underlying the generation of configuration in animate and inanimate flow systems. More specifically, as a central, unifying principle, the constructal law is introduced and illustrated. Based on studies produced in the light of the constructal theory, we aim to show the oneness of configuration generation in animate and inanimate flow systems. The paper also traces the application of constructal law as a principle of maximisation of flow access in animate morphing configurations, and discusses the need of communication to a specific pattern formation. We further develop the view presented in the paper ‘The constructal unification of biological and geophysical design’ by Bejan and Marden (2009) (Phys. Life Rev., 6, pp. 85–102).


animate systems, communication, constraints, constructal theory, inanimate systems, maximum performance, morphing confi guration, unifying law