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Edited By: C.A. BREBBIA, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK

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ISBN: 978-1-84564-652-3
eISBN: 978-1-84564-653-0
Pages: 506
Published: 2012

Book Description

This book contains additional research papers submitted for a meeting on sustainable development and planning organised in 2011 by the Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT). WIT has a long and very successful record of organising conferences on the topic of sustainability, which requires an interdisciplinary approach. Any sustainable solutions that are derived solely from the perspective of a single discipline may have unintended damaging consequences that create new problems. Thus effective sustainable solutions require the collaboration of scientists and engineers from various disciplines, as well as planners, architects, environmentalists, policy makers, and economists. These experts must not only communicate with each other effectively, but also understand the social aspects of the problem at hand.

The contents of the book reflect that interdisciplinary approach, and include the following topics: Sustainable Development and Planning; Energy and Sustainability; Food and Environment; Water Resources Issues; Sustainable Tourism; and Waste Management and Soil Recovery.

Book Contents

Challenges to sustainable peri-urban settlement development in China: an analysis by empirical evidence in Tianjin
L. Sun; C. Li; J. Gwilliam; P. Jones;

Sustainable construction and green building: the case of Malaysia
K. A. M. Kamar; Z. A. Hamid;

Learning from practice: using case-study research towards post-industrial landscape redevelopment theory
L. Loures; T. Panagopoulos; J. Nunes; A. Viegas;

Approaching sustainable planning from an indigenous platform
J. F. Buhangin;

Indigenous knowledge, women and issues of sustainable development
B. G. Ndawonde; E. T. Dlamini; S. N. Imenda;

What kind of public spaces do we want?
E. Creanga; I. Budisteanu; M. Duda;

Modeling the sustainable performance of residential building envelope: the role of performance indicator
A. Mwasha; R. Williams; J. Iwaro;

How to reduce the impact of container flows generated by a maritime terminal on urban transport
D. Ambrosino; A. Sciomachen;

Architectural education and sustainable human habitat in Nigeria
Y. M. D. Adedeji; A. A. Taiwo; O. A. Olotuah; G. Fadairo;

Determination of urban sustainability compliance with national indicators
L. Mahdjoubi; M. Horswell; R. Akplotsyi;

Management of employee workplace learning: a means of sustainable development in small manufacturing enterprises in Nigeria
J. I. Ogolo;

An aggregate approach to simulate evacuation of a building
M. Di Gangi; C. Rindone;

A methodological proposal to integrate the environmental impact assessment and the strategic environmental assessment in urban planning: the case of the Autonomous Community of Valencia
J. L. Miralles i Garcia;

Significance of global oil depletion to urban residential development
R. J. Brewster;

The environmental education strategy of integration of universities, NGOs and elementary schools to develop Taiwan’s energy education program
C.-K. Ku; Y.-W. Chen; T.-S. Kao; S.-C. Chien;

Characterization of crude oil-degrading bacteria in a crude oil-contaminated and uncontaminated site in Kuwait
A. Hassan; Z. Taqi; C. Obuekwe; E. Al-Saleh;

Assessment of the potential of residuary microalgae from a stabilization pond for the production of biofuel
G. E. G. Vieira; A. da S. Cardoso; A. K. Marques; A. Pickler;

Residues of synthetic pyrethroid pesticides in vegetables, fruit, sediment and water from an intensive agricultural area (Fang district, Chiang Mai, Thailand)
N. Pakvilai; T. Prapamontol; P. Thavornyutikarn; A. Mangklabruks; S. Chantara; C. Santasup;

Geographical dissemination of trace and major elements in honey
Z. Vincevica-Gaile; M. Klavins; V. Rudovica; A. Viksna;

Heavy metal characterization of Chinese spices and herbs using GFAAS and CVAAS
P. Sarojam; D. Hoult; J.-M. Chen;

Utilization of plant associated rhizobacteria to improve plant nutrition and protection: a cost effective and ecofriendly strategy
F. Y. Hafeez; M. N. Hassan;

Good bugs gone bad: Coccinellidae, sustainability and wine
G. J. Pickering; E. J. Glemser; R. Hallett; D. Inglis; W. McFadden-Smith; K. Ker;

A multi-level analysis of mainstream agriculture’s impact and development of alternative agriculture in Thailand
T. Kerdnoi; T. Prapamontol; S. Prabudhanitisarn;

To identify Zanjan food and beverage clusters
S. Hagh Nazari;

Food bowls and dust bowls: irrigated food production in arid Australia
F. Rochford;

Food from the forest of Java: tropical agro-forestry experiences in feeding dwellers and keeping the environment greener
Y. Widodo;

Hydrologic vulnerability to climate change of the Lerma-Chapala Basin, Mexico
I. Rivas; A. Güitrón; M. Montero;

An assessment of habitat conditions for fish species in the Guem River, Korea
J. Kim; D. K. Koh; S. Cho;

Generation and impacts of floating litter on urban canals and rivers: Rio de Janeiro megacity case study
B. Franz; M. A. V. Freitas;

Removal of copper(II) from aqueous solution by non-living
D. Singh;

Incorporating Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) practices into the planning context: the conceptual case for lot-scale developments
R. T. S. Nunes; J. H. A. Prodanoff; B. Nunes; M. A. V. Freitas;

Leveraging rural water supply: demand management for sustainable healthcare delivery in south west Nigeria
O. Ojo;

Case study of Narmada main canal based drinking water supply project: issues and challenges
S. M. Yadav; K. A. Chauhan;

Decision support system for predicting flood characteristics based on database modelling development (case study: Upper Citarum, West Java, Indonesia)
I. K. Hadihardaja; D. Indrawati; Y. Suryadi; N. S. Griggs;

Cultural tourism as a tool for urban regeneration in Istanbul
Ü. E. Uysal; P. Özden;

Generating a new image for cultural heritage: model for preserving the typical image of the traditional Turkish coffeehouse
N. Ayalp; A. Müge Bozday;

Effects of the sale of real estate to foreigners in Turkey: settlements of Cappadocia and Silifke
H. Yakar;

Creating a tourism destination through sustainable development: case study coastal area of Abuqir, Alexandria, Egypt
A. El Menshawy; S. Sharaf Eldin; F. Fekry;

Factors influence household solid waste recycling behaviour in Thailand: an integrated perspective
A. Ittiravivongs;

A logistics framework to reduce the number of landfills in the North West province of South Africa
F. R. Kizza Kadama;

Removal of nickel from aqueous solutions using Saudi activated bentonite
S. S. Al-Shahrani;

Characterization studies for the recovery of land degraded by mining
R. M. Longo; A. Í. Ribeiro; W. J. de Melo; A. C. Demanboro; S. C. Bettine;

Recovery of degraded areas using topsoil in the Amazon rainforest
A. I. Ribeiro; R. M. Longo; W. J. Melo; R. W. Lourenço; A. J. S. Maciel; A. H. Rosa; L. F. Fraceto;

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