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Critical Infrastructure Security

Assessment, Prevention, Detection, Response

Edited By: F. FLAMMINI, Italy

Price: £132.00
ISBN: 978-1-84564-562-5
eISBN: 978-1-84564-563-2
Pages: 326
Book Series: WIT Transactions on State-of-the-art in Science and Engineering
Series Volume: 54
Published: 2012

Book Description

"editor Francisco Flammini brings together cutting-edge critical infrastructure security information put forth by some of the best security authors of the day... The editor has brought together methodologies, strategies, and technologies for advancing critical infrastructure security in a way that pushes thinking in the field forward. ...suitable for security professionals who work in the critical infrastructure field."

Security Management, September 2013


"Security professionals, auditors, vulnerability assessors, and researchers will be interested in the book. Engineers, information security managers, and chief information officers (CIOs) will also benefit from the information, especially the guidelines and the state-of-the-art practices and solutions presented."

ACM Computing Reviews, May 2012


The most comprehensive handbook on critical infrastructures (CI), addressing both logical and physical security from an engineering point of view. The book surveys state-of-the-art methodologies and tools for CI analysis as well as strategies and technologies for CI protection.


The topic coverage of the book includes:

  • Historical background on threats to critical infrastructures
  • Model-based risk evaluation and management approaches
  • Vulnerability assessment and security surveys
  • Federated simulation for interdependency analysis
  • Security operator training and emergency preparedness
  • Intelligent multimedia (audio-video) surveillance
  • Terahertz body scanners for weapon and explosive detection
  • Security system design (intrusion detection / access control)
  • Dependability and resilience of computer networks (SCADA / cyber-security)
  • Wireless smart-sensor networks and structural health monitoring
  • Information systems for crisis response and emergency management
  • Early warning, situation awareness and decision support software

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