Sustainable Development arrow Management of Natural Resources, Sustainable Development and Ecological Hazards II

Management of Natural Resources, Sustainable Development and Ecological Hazards II

Edited By: C.A. BREBBIA, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK, N. JOVANOVIC, CSIR, South Africa and E. TIEZZI, University of Siena, Italy

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ISBN: 978-1-84564-204-4
eISBN: 978-1-84564-381-2
Pages: 464
Book Series: WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment
Series Volume: 127
Published: 2010

Book Description

Our current civilisation has fallen into a self-destructive process by which natural resources are consumed at an increasing rate. This process has now spread across the planet in search of further sources of energy and materials. The aggressiveness of this quest is such that the future of our planet is in the balance. The process is compounded by the pernicious effects of the resulting pollution.

This book contains papers presented at the second International conference on the Management of Natural Resources, Sustainable Development and Ecological Hazards, which was held in Western Cape, South Africa. The conference discussed the objective of reaching sustainability in the framework of all different disciplines in order to arrive at optimal solutions. Hence, the meeting was essentially transdisciplinary in order to find appropriate sustainable solutions, i.e. those involving collaboration across a wide range of disciplines. The aim of the conference was to take stock of our situation and try to facilitate constructive principles and policies for a way forward.

This book contains papers on the following topics: Development issues; Environmental issues; Changing climates; Transborder strategies; Air quality; Energy; Aquifer studies; Selected South African Water Issues.

Book Contents

The Ecological Footprint Depth: preliminary consideration for national accounting
V. Niccolucci; S. Bastianoni; E. Tiezzi;

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) for sustainable development at community, regional and civil society level
H. Hallemaa; Ü. Mander;

Comparison study on evaluating urban traffic, transport system and services in China and Japan
R. Ando; M. Kawai;

MERCY Malaysia’s experience in recent response and rebuilding of disaster areas
S. S. Zubir; M. H. Amirrol; R. Ab. Rahman;

Tools for sustainable development: a comparison of building performance simulation packages
S. Hoque; A. Sharma;

Safe development of coal mine enterprises based on Endogenous Growth Theory
X. J. Li;

A pre-investment model for a sustainable development
S. Flores Morales;

Qualification of offshore facilities prior to application in a new field
S. M. S. M. K. Samarakoon; O. T. Gudmestad; M. S. L. Melhus;

The effects of long-term thermal load on the stability of the lining of a deep underground waste repository
J. Pacovský; R. Vašíček;

Environmental viability for rural roads in the Amazon region, Brazil
J. M. C. Maciel; M. P. S. Santos;

How nautical tourism ports affect the environment
J. Kasum; K. Bozic-Fredotovic; P. Vidan;

The impact of relative sea level rise on the Northern Adriatic Sea coast, Italy
L. Carbognin; P. Teatini; L. Tosi;

Wind and wave storms, storm surges and sea level rise along the Estonian coast of the Baltic Sea
Ü. Suursaar; T. Kullas; R. Szava-Kovats;

Adaptation to climate change: does spatial planning help? Swarm planning does!
R. Roggema;

Bayesian inference for predicting ecological water quality under different climate change scenarios
J. Kotta; R. Aps; H. Orav-Kotta;

Baltic Sea Action Plan process: co-production of science and policy
R. Aps; G. Martin; O. Roots;

Strategic transborder environmental assessment for power generation in the Baja California, México and California, USA border region
M. Quintero-Núñez; E. C. Nieblas-Ortíz; N. Velásquez-Limón; O. R. García-Cueto;

Adaptive system of forecasting the air quality
W. Kamiński; E. Tomczak;

Application of artificial neural networks for classification and prediction of air quality classes
J. Skrzypski; K. Kamiński; E. Jach-Szakiel; W. Kamiński;

Dilution and dispersion of inhalable particulate matter
N. A. Kgabi; T. Mokgwetsi;

Biofiltration of methane: effect of temperature and nutrient solution
C. Menard; A. Avalos Ramirez; J. Nikiema; M. Heitz;

Contribution to atmospheric benzene concentrations of the petrol stations in a mid-sized city
L. T. Silva; J. F. G. Mendes; C. M. Silva;

Global distributed energy systems
S. Lorente; A. Bejan;

Primary energy supply and economic wealth
H. Dyckhoff; L. Beran; T. Renner;

Concentrating solar power in sustainable tourism
M. Georgei; J. Krueger; B. Henning;

Criteria and methodology for an indicator of energy applied to motorways
M. J. González Díaz; J. García-Navarro;

Sustainable energy future for Austria
M. Hummel; A. Windsperger;

Wind turbines site selection on an isolated island
L.-I. Tegou; H. Polatidis; D. A. Haralambopoulos;

Energy saving and environmental benefits of metal box vegetal facades
F. Olivieri; F. J. Neila; C. Bedoya;

Approach to Lithuanian energy supply state assessment
J. Augutis; E. Ušpuras; V. Matuzienė;

Modeling the saltwater intrusion in the lowlying catchment of the southern Venice Lagoon, Italy
P. Teatini; M. Putti; C. Rorai; A. Mazzia; G. Gambolati; L. Tosi; L. Carbognin;

Estimating a new approach for describing electrical conductivity parameters in partially saturated sediments
F. Ali Swaid;

An overview of the salinization problem in the Berg river catchment (South Africa)
W. P. De Clercq; M. V. Fey; N. Z. Jovanovic;

A comparative analysis of the PRMS and J2000 hydrological models applied to the Sandspruit Catchment (Western Cape, South Africa)
R. D. H. Bugan; N. Z. Jovanovic; W. P. De Clercq; J. Helmschrot; W.-A. Fluegel; G. H. Leavesley;

An assessment of the Atlantis artificial recharge water supply scheme (Western Cape, South Africa)
G. Tredoux; B. Genthe; M. Steyn; J. F. P. Engelbrecht; J. Wilsenach; N. Z. Jovanovic;

An Excel-based index (PestEX) for environmental mobility of pesticides in relation to water resources
N. Z. Jovanovic; C. Petersen;

In-situ nitrate removal from groundwater to supply rural communities: experimental work and modelling
S. Israel; G. Tredoux; P. Engelbrecht; J. Wilsenach; J. Germanis; A. Maherry;

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